I greet you at my website.

Videographer – (from latin. Video – look, see and from greek grapho – record). It’s a person, who can can replace an entire filming crew. Videographer can be a cameraman, journalist, audio engineer and special effects engineer all in one.

Videography – it is something that I cannot imagine beeing without even for a day.  It’s my profession and a number one hobby.  I’m always trying to find and bring out something unique, idividual and beautiful out of each and every one of my subjects: wether they are professional actors or somebody without any background in the art of theatrics.

Thanks to my rich experience, I have an in depth understanding of this complex and challenging artform. I regularly follow the latest developments in the cinematic industry, intergrating and adapting my new findings. I only work with FullHD, 4K cameras to ensure top quality for my clients.

I am entirely devoted to providing work of the highest standard to my clients and viewers.

Please take a look at a range of services currently on offer in Melbourne, Australia:

  • Company Film
  • Commercials video, Advertising clips
  • Special Event Films (Birthdays, Concerts, Weddings, Seminars, Presentations)
  • Music Video Clips
  • Short Videos
  • Ballet Videos